“Chiropractic neurology”

Glenn Beck’s diagnosis and treatment are quackery, say medical experts. But what do they know?


Earlier this week, conservative commentator and erstwhile Fox News personality Glenn Beck tearfully announced to the world that he has been battling for years against a rare neurological disorder.

The illness, Beck said, baffled doctors all over the world, but has now been diagnosed as “adrenal fatigue” by maverick “chiropractic neurologist” Dr. Ted Carrick.

Beck said that the mysterious ailment came on gradually over the course of the last few years, causing him to lose his memory and to suffer seizures, intense pain in his hands and feet and fits of vocal paralysis. He had long bouts of insomnia, mental “fogginess” and a spate of emotional outbursts that he said “quite honestly has made me look crazy.”

Now, after a range of treatments by Carrick — including being strapped into and spun around in a giant gyroscope — and an intense regimen of spiritual work and fervent prayer, Beck claims to have a “clean bill of health.”

“My brain is back online in a big way,” he said Monday.

“Chiropractic neurology” is a controversial branch of medicine that Yale University neurologist Dr. Steven Novella dismissed outright as “pure pseudoscience” in a column from November of 2011.



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