More NIA,-Neuromuscular-Integrative-Action-353

This may be the purest example yet that NITNB. In this promotional piece for Neuromuscular Integrative Action doesn’t even pay lip service to

NIA (previously Non-Impact Aerobics, now Neuromuscular Integrative Action) is a physical conditioning program based on a premise that movement is a pathway for self discovery and personal transformation. NIA is intended to deliver cardiovascular,aerobic exercise and whole-body conditioning. NIA was created in California 1983 by Debbie Rosas (now Debbie Rosas Stewart) and Carlos Rosas (now Carlos Aya Rosas). The fitness industry then was bursting with high-impact aerobics classes and strenuous muscle-building workouts.
Debbie and Carlos had studied martial arts, but not dance, when they started NIA. They wanted to create a fitness system for a lifetime of movement. NIA draws from a variety of disciplines, including martial arts, dance, aerobics, improvisation, and self-defense. A typical class might include a few chaine turns followed by a series of karate chops and then instructions to walk around the room like a penguin. Students are encouraged to relieve stress by shouting “Woo hoo!” or “Yes!” at various times in class. Instructors use imagery to help students begin moving. “Imagine you’re playing with the clouds,”


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