After concussion – you’re not stupid, it just feels that way

After seizures I am first confused, then REALLY grateful to be alive!

Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind

I’ve been checking my site stats over the past few days, looking over the different ways people have found their way to this site, over the past few years. One thing that comes up a lot is questions about concussion and intelligence — being stupid after a concussion.

If you’ve recently (or not so recently) had a concussion, and you’re feeling really stupid, know this:

You are not alone.

A lot of people feel stupid after a concussion. In my case, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to convince me that I’m NOT stupid, even to this day when I know that I’m no less intelligent for the head injuries I’ve had, than the next person. After all, I have done some pretty lame-ass things in my day, that just looked, well, STUPID. And it never occurred to me that the concussions I’d sustained — in sports (football and soccer) and car…

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