Covering The Plate: A Baseball Catcher Tells All – Terry Gross interview

Brad Ausmus has spent most of his career in a squatting position. As a major league catcher, he crouched behind home plate for roughly seven months a year while playing with the San Diego Padres, the Detroit Tigers, the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers.


How did he practice for games? Even more squats.

He talks about his career and brain injuries with Terry Gross on NPR show, “Fresh Air”

“You do it not only during the course of the game — which is the easier part — but you do it in the bullpen, you do it in spring training, you do it doing the warm-ups, you do it prior to the game,” Ausmus tells Fresh Air‘s Dave Davies. “At times, I’ve tried to total up the number of squats I’ve gotten into over the course of a season, and you’d have to do 150 squats a day for seven months.”

If you are in Chicago on Wed 13 May join The Chicago Council for Science and Technology for “When Playing Sports is Bad for Your Brain”.


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