​Wile E. Coyote inspires new way to diagnose concussions

NEW YORK — Dirk Kaufman, 51, was riding his bike last March when he was hit by a car. He wound up in the emergency room at Bellevue hospital.


“What the hell happened?” wondered Kaufman when he first woke up.

What happened was a concussion with memory loss and confusion. In Kaufman’s case the injury did not show up on a CT scan. But less obvious cases of concussion are harder to diagnose, says neurosurgeon doctor Uzma Samadani.

“Concussions actually have 43 different definitions and that’s part of the problem is that nobody knows how to define it and therefore nobody knows how to diagnose it or count the incidence of it,” said Samadani.

Samadani and her team at NYU’s Cohen Veterans Center are developing a way to diagnose concussion by measuring how the eyes track a moving image, in this case an animated movie clip. 97 percent of healthy people move their eyes together at a very predictable rate.

Read the full story on the CBSNEWS site.


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