The #Neuroscience of the Virginia Shooting – YouTube

Chicago Council on Science and Technology ( Artist in Residence Aaron Freeman muses on the neurobiology underpinning the murders of Virginia newspeople Allison Parker and Adam Ward by should-have-been mental patient Vester Lee Flannagan (aka Bryce Williams) via the introductory lecture of Professor Robert Sapolsky’s Stanford University course Human Behavioral Biology.


One thought on “The #Neuroscience of the Virginia Shooting – YouTube

  1. James T. Edwards

    So much of today’s popularly hot neuroscience is confirming the philosophical proposals of post-WWII French semiotic phenomenologists — Merleau-Ponty, Foucault, and Lacan. The structure of the brains seems to confirm their philosophy the way the Hubble telescope confirmed some of the speculations of Einstein. Recommended:



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